Nesting….Big Time

April 2016

WOW!!  That was an intense nesting time for Penni.  We are just at the tail end of it, and I am so glad it’s mostly done!  The hormonal cycles of intact female dogs are amazing.  Penni has always had a strong “nesting” drive post heat (and now I’ve been able to confirm that my suspicion of the timing for when all this begins for her are true), but this one takes-the-cake!

Penni and "Baby"

Penni and “Baby”

Penni has a green ball that we call, “Baby.”  Usually, this green ball lays around, waiting for someone to toss it around, and play. But these certain times, “Baby” plays a very important role.  Penni has adopted this green ball as her object of affection whenever day 63, or thereabouts, comes along.  What is day 63?  It is that magic number….that number wherein if all goes well in a breeding, you have entered the most expected day of whelping.  It can go a couple of days beyond because you never actually know when conception took place, but generally, with Danes, it’s pretty spot on….from what I have been told.  Penni ‘s internal clock seems to be spot on!

Here is basically how it went….Penni carried the green ball, “Baby,” around with her constantly.  If she went to eat, Baby went with her…if she went to potty, Baby went with her……you get the idea.  Whining as she walked around, she would look for a good place to lay down with Baby.  Baby couldn’t be in just any position, oh no!!  Penni would put that ball gently down on the surface of whatever it was she was on top of, get herself into a curled up position, reach for Baby with her mouth and gently pick up that green ball and meticulously place it either under her chin, or under her top most hind leg near her belly.

April 2016

The thing we had to look out for the most was the need to get under things when we were outside, to the point of getting herself stuck.  We had to really watch it, number one because she had been bred, it was unlikely due to the blood, and ultrasound test results showing that she was not pregnant, but sometimes if there is only one, it can be missed.  Number two, it had been raining a lot, so getting under things meant Penni digging….in the mud equaling a dirty, dirty doggie!  Lastly, although there are probably a thousand reasons more….it is not fun when Penni gets stuck.  You can’t just grab her and pull her out.   Like a few days ago…..Tony had to dig a trench from under a trailer that she had dug herself under, so that she could back herself out…..UGGGHH!  Had she been whelping pups under there, it would have been a huge problem.

Penni will not be off leash, not ever, once she is with pups from her next cycle and close to whelping.  We continue to hope for tomorrow…..more realistically, late July!!

March 2016

For now, Penni is practicing her mama-doggy skills on her new nephew, Tubias…..welllllll…..more like the annoyed big sister skill set.  LOL!



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