Are They Up-to-Date?

Did you know that August is National Immunization Awareness Month??   So while you are thinking about you own immunizations….don’t forget about, Fido!!

National Immunization Awareness Month

This is a good time to pull out your pet’s records and take a look to see if your furry buddy may be due for vaccinations.  Perhaps there is one vaccination due, easily overlooked when separate from the main set.  In general, your veterinarian’s office will send out reminder cards in the mail, but ….. Did you move to a new area?; Did you set that reminder notice aside, and forget to get back to it?; Did life get really busy and you just haven’t made that appointment yet?; Does it seem like quite awhile since your pet has seen the vet, but you haven’t yet received that reminder in the mail?;  By chance, could that friendly notice have gotten damaged or lost in the mail, and never made it to your mailbox?  All really good questions to ask yourself, and then check your records…or call your vet’s office and have them take a quick look to see what might be due.

May 2016

Penni was just vaccinated at the end of May for the big 5:  distemper, hepatitis, leptospirosis, parainfluenza, and parvo-virus.  She was also due for her rabies shot, and  bordatella vaccine…WHICH, has been available now for a couple of years as an injection rather than intranasal..AND,  is good for a year now instead of just 6 months!!  I know Penni appreciates THAT advancement in veterinary medicine, as do the vet techs, etc.   The little guy in the video below, I believe, speaks for the masses……

….nobody liked that original vaccine!!  Hahahaha!!  Maybe we can all take a moment and just check that those vaccines are currently up-to-date!!  Just think of the money, and time you will be saving by doing this simple act to protect your four legged love from one of those very dangerous diseases.

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