Puppy Basics – Go Potty Outside!!

“Go potty……go potty, Penni!!”  I guess that could get annoying if you had to listen to those words several times a day, but those are the words that I have trained all of my dogs to know when I need them to get to business, stop sniffing around, and get the job done.  It truly works!!  If the dog just pees and I want them to poop as well, I add… “Go more potty” if of course they peed first.  “Go more potty” is for the rear end’s manner of business.  This worked for for most of my dogs…however, Penni knows what she needs to do.  If she doesn’t want to poop…ain’t no way you are getting that girl to poop.  She absolutely does not need any coaching.

August 2016

I attribute this success, once again to crate training…and the fact that Danes are super clean dogs and do not wish to soil their inside environment at all, once properly trained.  Crate training has assisted in potty training for every dog I have had the pleasure of spending my life with.  I did have one dog, however, that when he got mad at us, he would poop on the couch (or along with that…anytime he had to throw-up, he headed straight for the couch!!!)  Ugghhh!!  Other than that, he was well versed in pottying outside.

January 2010

So how do you do this?  First of all, let me preface the following with this…..never, ever, ever use the crate as a place of punishment!  Did you get that??  It is incredibly easy to be at the end of your patience line, and all you want to do is cook dinner, or finish painting the bedroom…but you’ve got this puppy that wants to play, and is not taking “No” for an answer…..the crate is there…you can just close him in…you’ve told him, “No” and he’s not responding….your thoughts might go to…”Grab her, and put her away!!”  Okay, fair enough…..that in and of itself is not a bad option, if done properly….it’s a great option!!  Just don’t do it in anger, frustration, or in the mindset of a punishment…the pup knows…he can tell when you are not happy.

Take a deep breath….grab that last bit of patience…put a smile on your face, and really mean it….hug and snuggle…get a biscuit or a chew bone, and with fun enthusiasm lead the puppy into it’s crate (better yet, take him out to potty first.)  Every time I ask a dog to go to her crate, while she is walking into the crate I use the word, “Crate.”  You can use whatever word you wish, the point is…there needs to be a command.  The pup will learn what to expect, and will be more comfortable.  It’s pretty much the same as telling a young child, “Goodnight.”  They get what that means….you will come back to them, but not right away.

August 2012

For potty training, it’s pretty simple…unless you’re potty training a Bassett Hound…then all bets are off…LOL!!  They are difficult, but not impossible.  Anyway, back to potty training…it is basically wrapped around five words…..Pay Attention, Respond, Crate Train….

August 2012

….when you let the puppy out of it’s crate (doesn’t matter how long he has been in there) you run him immediately outside to the potty area.  If the pup is really young (8 – 12 weeks) carry that puppy.  The excitement of being with you once again is going to be enough to excite the pup to pee….they won’t be able to hold it until you get outside.  Since we are talking Great Danes here, some people may not be able to carry the pup past this age…attach a little leash, and get running…don’t stop along the way.  You do this every time…every single time.  At any point in your day / night, that you are not able to be eyes, ears, and hands on with your pup (basically, able to drop everything, scoop, and run outside) the pup should be in it’s crate.  Your TV, computer, cooking, cleaning, etc is all going to take a back seat while you are potty training.

August 2012

Any time your puppy eats…she will need to potty, many times within ten minutes.  Any time your puppy plays, he will need to potty.  Watch for it!!  This is an intensive, pay-attention-to-the-puppy time, but in the end, you will be so glad you did.  For a couple of months (make that a few for Basset Hound pups), make the puppy’s house training your priority…you will have years of cleanliness…and dry socks if you do!!!  In a nut shell…that’s it!!  Put on your tennies, and get ready to run…who doesn’t need a little more exercise??    Praise your puppy when he does it right….give her treats (these work great because they are so tiny)…


…..and maybe think of it as, “Just a little inconvenience” because the time will pass so quickly and you will be able to look back and be thankful that you took the time to do it.  Dogs do not want to soil their environment, if you can teach them how to be successful, they will reward you everyday.

Pay Attention, Respond, Crate Train!!!!!!

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