Hey Mom…It’s HOT Out There!!

WOW, we are cookin’!!!  Yesterday was 96 degrees (96.1 to be precise) as a high.  Hard to believe that it is early June.  By the calendar, it is nearing the end of spring, but still springtime nonetheless.   Beyond that…we live in the Pacific Northwest…these hot days are not the norm so early….I’m am not ready for these temps yet!!  How do your dogs handle the heat??

June 2016

Penni does not care for this kind of “hot” very much.  She gets stuck between, “Let’s go outside, c’mon Mom, let’s go play,” and “What the heck are we doing outside, c’mon Mom, let’s go back inside, it’s hot out here!”  On days like this (and on the opposite end rainy, rainy days) Penni appreciates adding a little spice to our day.

May 2016

She somehow convinces us that we need to hop in the car and take a spin.  Maybe it’s the way she walks over to the car, stands next to it, looks at the car…..then looks at me with her tongue hanging practically on the ground.  She speaks pretty loudly when she wants too….LOL!!

Obviously this photo was not taken on the 4th of June...in 96 degree weather. Hahaha

Obviously this photo was not taken on the 4th of June…in 96 degree weather. Hahaha

I imagine that on a hot day when you can hang your head out the window and surround your senses with wind swirling around you, everything seems better.  We did that twice yesterday, and don’t tell anyone……the later ride ended with a cold, creamy treat from the local Dairy Queen….shhhhhhhh!!  Did you know they have a doggy cup of ice cream one can order??

June 2016

Hot temps are in the making for today, as well…..who knows where the road may lead us today!!  It looks like a good start!


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