Heat Wrap Evolution

As we wait for today’s readiness appointment, I thought I’d share the period of time of which I refer to as the, “Heat Wrap Evolution.”  It goes something like this……

In the beginning, the (younger child) potty training assistant know as, Pull-Ups, fit the bill….or in this case, the dog.  However, there was a process involved here:  #1 – cut out a hole for the tail; #2 – over a garbage can, shake out all the granular bits (and there are many) from within or you’ll have a mess on your hands because Pull-Ups were not made for kids who have tails; #3 – after you have inspected the Pull-Up to make sure there are no granules in the “diaper” area…lift one back leg slightly off the ground and insert into one leg hole….do the same for the next, being careful to lift one leg at a time….as you raise the Pull-Up towards the hips, insert tail in hole and pull up and over the dog’s hips.

It worked wonderfully and had a good snug fit…..until she outgrew them, which was evident by her 2nd heat cycle. There had to be a different solution for heat cycle #3….

Enter the “Men’s Tighty Whitey” phase of the evolutionary process.  This was the least effective idea and only lasted for one cycle.  Sizing was difficult….Penni ‘s hips were too big for boy’s XL, yet too small for men’s small.  But with a little ingenuity, basically a needle and thread, and the use of a sanitary napkin….it worked.  Thankfully, this was a step that passed quickly and was never seen again…..

….just not that attractive….LOL!!

The third and final phase in the “Heat Wrap Evolution” was the permanent solution.  This step in the control of….you know….is a total money saver as you can wash it over and over, and reuse it over and over again.  I think they look quite nice!


I add a sanitary napkin to the lining, and Penni is good to go!  For the most part, she just leaves these on.  Just don’t forget to take them off before letting your dog outside to potty….yep….that only happened once….uugghh!!   I take them off whenever she is in her crate or outside….she needs to be able to keep herself cleaned up, and it’s important to make sure the girls have ample opportunity to do that.  The wrap is a Drs. Foster & Smith product…you can find them at  http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=14459

So anyway…..thanks for indulging my thoughts this morning.  We shall see what today holds.


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