Of Great Danes and Basset Hounds

Ever wonder how a very long legged, giant dog might play with a very short stature, puppy dog?   It’s all about height adjustment….and large, opened mouths.

April 2016

The great thing about dogs is that they will usually adapt their play habits based on the pal they are playing with.  With our little “grandson,” Tubias, Penni learned very quickly that being a huge zoomie, full-steam-ahead, battering ram was not going to work out well for their relationship.  Tubias being a young basset hound puppy would take one look at that style of play and head for the hills (or his Mommy) as fast as his little legs could carry him.

April 2016

With a little guidance, Penni learned that she had to lower her play to ground level if she wanted to wrestle with the little guy.

One giant dog, and one very short puppy….a match made in Heaven!!

May 2016

Happy Memorial Day to all Americans…may we never forget the sacrifice.

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