Perspectives: Joy vs. Mystery

Adding a puppy into your household and family is an AMAZING experience!!  The excitement builds as the day finally arrives….the puppy is 8 weeks old and is coming home!!  For the puppy, however, the day is filled with mystery.  They leave everything they’ve ever known….Mama-dog….

Penni 's Mama-dog, Mali

Penni ‘s Mama-dog, Mali

….siblings, their breeder, toys, beds, smells, place to potty.  Everything is gone.

Penni 's siblings.

Penni ‘s siblings.

In the midst of your joy and swelling heart, it is good to remember to take in the perspective of your new little buddy.  Let them feel secure by your closeness.  Hold and hug them to a point, but also don’t forget to let them explore their new environment with your presence shadowing.


Penni Comes Home 010 copy

As soon as the pup’s paws hit the ground in their new home, training begins.  Ever watchful, remembering that the pup is..well….just a puppy, potty training begins immediately.  Remember, talking from the perspective of an 8 wk old pup, they do not know how to ask to go out to potty, and they have no idea where you want them to go.  Great Dane pups grow very quickly.  You have a window of, for those who can lift 40 – 50 lbs, about two months where you will be able to lift that puppy up to run her outside when you see her start to squat.  My experience is, with crate training and diligent attention / response, Great Danes potty train quite easily.  I’m usually not having to lift my 4 month old pup to rush them out the door (now Bassett Hounds….that is TOTALLY a different story!!!)  Attentiveness is the key!!

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We will delve into this topic more as we go on. Through the next several posts, I want to talk about many of the basics, and not so basics of life with a Great Dane puppy.  Bring your sneakers, you’re going to need them!!!  (Notice:  High heels should be left at home for this part of the journey….hahaha)

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