Penelopi Mae


Penelopi Mae Bouy Jorajuria….aka….Penni

AKC Full Registration

OFA hips – GD-13222G42F-VPI

OFA elbows – GD-EL2620F42-VPI

OFA thyroid – GD-TH2979/42F-VPI

November 2015

Penni was raised by two dogs….

….four cats!

….various chickens….

Penni and the 1st Batch #2

…and goats!


Penni is a sturdy, health Great Dane.  She has been OFA tested for hips, elbows, and thyroid.  Results:  Hips – Good; Elbows – Good; Thyroid – Normal  (no sign of thyroid disease.)  She stands 31 inches at the withers, and is 130 lbs.  We are working at getting that number down a few notches…to about 125 lbs.  Here’s the difficulty….two of our 11 hens like to lay their eggs in various places around the farm….Penni ‘s nose has become very keen in locating those daily, rogue eggs…..hence, a few extra pounds.

*UPDATE* since beginning on our quest for puppies, Penni has dropped her rogue eggs weight, and is currently at a summer svelte weight of 120 lbs. … fluctuating to 125 lbs depending on winter vs. summer activity.  Healthy weight for a healthy pregnancy!


“Eggs……what eggs???”

Despite the, extra…..amenities…..Penni is one of the most athletic Danes I have seen.  She is definitely the iconic, “Couch potato dane”, however, this dog can run….and how beautiful she is to watch in a full out sprint.  Did I mention that Penni loves to hike??

Because she is such a strong, durably built Dane, she easily navigates the rocks and hills that are inherent to the Pacific Northwest.  Penni is truly built to that of the Working Class standards of the AKC (American Kennel Club.)


The AKC standard for temperament is: “A Great Dane must be spirited, courageous, never timid; always friendly and dependable.”  Let’s just say, this girl…has got a good head on her shoulders….


….and believes every lap is hers to sit on!!

As you can probably tell, we are quite taken by our Penni …. she has some wonderful qualities, and exemplifies the sturdiness, loyalty, love, and courageousness of the old-style Great Dane.  Penni is healthy, her structure is sound (as the OFA test results show), and she is eager to experience new things…timidity is NOT in Penni ‘s vocabulary.  She is a beauty…inside and out!


These are some of the reasons we’ve chosen to breed Penni …. although she is not in the show ring, we believe she exemplifies the amazing qualities that make this breed so special.  Penni, our Great Dane ….. she’s an amazing dog!!

Screen Shot 2015-12-12 at 10.09.56 AM

May 2016


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