Our Philosophy

Philosophy…now there’s a really misused word.  I’m not really sure if we have a philosophy, or just a game plan influenced by our past events, our present day-to-day-this-is-our-life-make-of-it-what-you-will experiences, and future hopes…dreams…and long sought after goals.  As far as a game plan goes….to quote Robert Burns (adapted for modern englsih) “The best laid out plans of mice and men, often go awry…” is so very true…so we lay down a path, and try to stay on it come rain, hail, or high water….the best anyone can do.


To put it simply, the philosophy of Have-a-Dane Hill Danes is to raise and train well adjusted, healthy dogs that can serve others in need of a friendly paw, or a warm snuggle.  Our goal in breeding is to maintain the breed’s standards

May 2015

of the old-style, working class Dane.  The breed is sturdy, athletic, loving, goofy, very loyal to their families, courageous, and completely gorgeous.  Our fur babies are raised inside our home, they are an integral part of our family.


We take breeding very seriously, and arrive at the decision to breed or not to breed based on numerous factors.  I have a background working in veterinary medicine, as well as, animal shelters.  Our family has taken on numerous litters of kittens and puppies from our local shelter while volunteering for their foster care program.  We understand the importance of breeding for a purpose, and the responsibility that brings.

Penni 11 wks old

It has taken literally three decades, as an adult, to come to the point of breeding one of my animals….she’s a special girl…..let me introduce you to Penelopi Mae Buoy…… Penni!

Welcome to Penni ‘s one live pup born Sept. 23, 2016.  Penni was spayed after a difficult labor ending in c-section.  The future of Have-a-Dane Hill Danes may lie in the paws of this little cutie…only time will tell.


And the story continues!!

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