Blackberries and Great Danes

Today was Have-a-Dane Hill Danes’-  5th Annual – Blackberry Pickin’ Day!!  It is quite the event!!  Everyone gets involved…..well… of us and all the dogs, but since our elderly fur babies…..(video from August 2013)

……went to wait for us at the “Bridge” over these past couple of years….it was just Penni and I this year.  We celebrated the memories of our rested companions with a few of the choicest blackberries we could find!!!

August 2016

You might wonder how Penni helps me pick the berries. You might also wonder about the slobberiness of the berries she does pick……can I ever REALLY get the slobber off of them?  The answer is, “Nooooo!”  Whatever Penni picks, Penni eats…..that’s our agreement!!  She’s not offended at all by this. 😉  The way she helps is all in the dance.  What does a dance have to do with blackberry pickin’ and Great Danes??  Well come on over and “seht” a spell and I’ll tell ya!!

Paper Wasp Nest

Anybody who knows me from my childhood will probably be able to tell you about my fear of bees!!  OMGosh….anybody watching would know when a bee was in the area, because spontaneously, I would break into my bee-dance.  It was all about contorting my body and flapping my arms in such a way as to make myself unlandable if the little flying, stinging machine ever thought to approach…there was some sort of sound that came out of me as well, but mostly unintelligible.  If a bee ever flew into the car, which it did in Wyoming one year…..don’t ask!!  It wasn’t pretty, and my dad just about wrung my neck.  That bee was HUGE, and it was white…and yellow…and HUGE!!!!!

August 2015

Anyway, back to the blackberry dance.  Since having kids, I have become less afraid of bees….I had become the protector of my little ones if a bee came close, or especially if one flew into the house.  It would take 20 minutes or so for me to garner the nerve to either SMACK-IT or get it back outside, but I’d eventually get there.  When one, berry picks, there are going to be bees…..buzzing bees…….all around you.  The honey bees, are fine.  I can deal with them, and I have grown to actually have quite the appreciation for those sweet stingers.  Hornets, yellow jackets, and the occasional bumble bee, are a totally different story.  Here’s where the dance comes in.

IMG_3887 copy

It’s not me dancing this time…’s Penni!!!  Penni loves me….she just does!  She does not like it if I show any kind of distress….she is right there.  Penni has learned that those things that go “buzzzzzzzz”, cause me a bit of distress…..and she is on them!!  And so it goes.  I climb up and into the blackberry bush as far as I can without becoming “One” with the briar patch, and Penni dances around me in an effort to rid every bee, hornet, and yellow jacket from my presence.  I could not pick, and get the dance on video, but suffice it to say, she works hard out there!!

August 2016

It is only fitting that I share a small portion of the morning’s rewards!!

August 2016

Ohhhhhhh…..I think that one was a bit sour!!!!!

August 2016

Tomorrow starts week three!!!!!

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