Here We Go!!

Exciting and busy times…..

December 2015

…..engulf our days here on Have-a-Dane Hill.  The weather has been quite rainy which adds to our chores with the goats and chickens.  On the other hand, Penni, has found the rain to be quite relaxing.  By the way, ever wonder what a Great Dane does with their legs when they sleep?  That’s one example.  Hahaha!

We are so excited that Penni ‘s OFA testing have come back so well, although, not at all surprised.  In case you missed it….. Hips – Good; Elbows – Good; Thyroid – normal, no sign of disease.  Testing for Brucellosis is negative…..which is a definite positive!!  She is ready to go….we are waiting for her next heat cycle.

November 2015

At the moment the breeder for our desired stud dog, and I, are in the contract signing phase.  Once all the i’s are dotted and T’s are crossed, I will update with an announcement of the male dane that will be Sire to Penelopi’s pups.  This is all so very exciting.  In the meantime, we’ll continue to keep trying to catch rain drops with our mouths……