About tamisdanes

Please come take a look at the adventures happening on our farm, and within our forest as we change up our lives and live in the gorgeous place called Oregon. Leading the way is the love for nature and our big dog Penni, she's a Great Dane, and the love of our lives. Can't wait to share our adventures.....See you there!!

How Fast Do Great Danes Grow??

The first three months in the growth of a Great Dane puppy is amazing to watch.  Penni ‘s little singleton pup, AKC:  Esther Alivia Can You Feel Our Joy, is now three months old….from one pound at birth to forty pounds at 3 months old….the fun is too much to contain!!

I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I have…..

And….from our family to yours, may your New Year 2017 be an amazing, year full of joy, and wonderful moments.  Happy New Year to you all!!