The Next Step

A quick update, and some information about the future of Have-a-Dane Hill Danes.  Penni and puppy are doing very well.  I am trying to keep her milk production area soft…with only one pup, the threat of developing a mastitis is pretty big. She is still on antibiotics from her surgery, and another will start in a couple of days so that helps.  I’m not worried about what is passing to the pup…the threat to Penni is quite real, and can be very dangerous for her.  “Little Bit” got her dew claws removed yesterday and besides not wanting to be held for most of the day, does not seem to have any residual pain from the procedure…she is puppy pawing mama just as she always has.  She is back to allowing us cuddles. 🙂 I think now that Penni is off of her pain meds, our little girl will start packing on the ounces….she tended to sleep a bit when she should have been eating, after mama-dog had her medicine.

September 2016

Well…..our breeding program took quite a hit this year.  I knew that waiting until Penni was four years old to start developing our line might be difficult, and I was right.  There was no way that I was going to start on this road while our two elderly dogs were still with us.  After they passed, it was time to re-evaluate the possibility….either spay Penni, or breed her and see how it goes.

September 2016


Penni is now spayed, as she should be…although she is a really wonderful mama-dog, breeding is not a healthy option for her.  So now we have this little beautiful girl pup!  Will she be the future of our breeding program, or do we stop here?  I have 15 months to decide….in giant breed dogs it is healthier to wait to spay until they are older; I will not spay her before that time.


September 2016

As I see how she grows and develops, entering the show world may be in this little beauty’s future.  Her daddy-dog’s line is amazingly cluttered with AKC Champion level dams and sires.  Also, there are other possibilities that may develop…that is for a later time.  For now, I’m thinking that posts on this site will be more along the lines of current trends, training, and insights that I have learned and continue to learn along the way.  They will definiteyly be more sporadic, as I have a puppy to raise!!  I will be updating about Penni and her pup, along with other things going on with our little farm / forest homestead on my main blog (of which I have been totally neglecting) at .


September 2016

Thank you so much for following Penni ‘s adventure these past several months.  I have learned a lot along the way, and I hope that I have been able to bring you a smile once in awhile.  I look forward to seeing you at my other blog site where you can watch how the little one grows (I am re-evaluating her name), and visit with the matriarch of our possible line of Danes to come.  It’s been a pleasure…..hope to talk to you soon!!  Take care!!


6 thoughts on “The Next Step

  1. I smiled at “Little Bit” because I have been thinking of what you might name Pup Pup. In Thai, NitNoy means just that! Thank you for the wonderful photos; all of us are so happy to be on your journey watching Penni’s baby grow and flourish. There is indeed a lot to think about but I totally trust you to make the wise decisions. Sending love to all!

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    • NitNoy is cute! I was looking at the Basque word or phrase for Little Bit is Pixkabat (according to Google translation), not too cute, but the Basque word for Little One is Txikia. I’m not sure how that would sound, but it looks awfully cute.


  2. I remember back when you were trying to decide to breed or not to breed. I could tell you were being very responsible with your decision making and not just breeding her “for the fun of it” and it is clear you have continued to do that. I love to see people that do what is best for the breed and the individual dogs. I am SO glad you got another wonderful girl out of it and I am sure as she grows you will continue to make responsible decisions. She is going to have an awesome life, just like her mom has had and will continue to have.

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