Oh What a Night!

Very quick post today just to let you know….

September 2016

Penni started labor last night.  It was difficult from the beginning with a breach stillborn pup….and got worse from there.  I need a little time to sleep, and process it all.  The outcome of an emergency cesarean was a great surprise of one live pup…a little girl.  I will tell more in a day or so.  Hug your pups, young and old…they are precious!!

6 thoughts on “Oh What a Night!

  1. I was starting to wonder if things had gone badly. 😟 I am so sorry to hear it didn’t go as hoped. I am so glad that you have a beautiful little girl though. I pray you get plenty of rest tonight and can face the day tomorrow rejuvinated.

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    • Thank you so much!! I appreciate your prayers more than you know!! I’m so thankful for this one little pup…Penni really watches over her so well. I did get some rest, and coffee….lots of coffee! 😀

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