WELCOME …. to Have-a-Dane Hill Danes,

IMG_4425 copy

the home of Penelopi Mae Buoy, aka, Princess Penelopi , and in a much less formal fashion, Penni !!


Have-a-Dane Hill Danes, is a dream, that continues to develop because of this girl you see to the right …. that’s Penni …. isn’t she a beauty!!!!  You can read more about that  on the “Our Philosophy” page by clicking the tab on the toolbar above.

Also, you can read about the many different Penni-isms on her daily blog (find the tab above.)  Be sure to subscribe to, The Hill’s Daily News (blog), to keep current on the mischief and love that comes with owning a Great Dane, and to visit the past as we journey into the beginnings of this beautiful, grand lady.

Go on…..click that subscribe button….don’t miss a moment of the fun!!

Adventure lies ahead…..won’t YOU come with us??  Let’s build this community together!!  Are you ready???




Talk to me!!!

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